Jovis Cosmetics Sofia Baby Soap Natural Soap -- 3.38 fl.oz.

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Jovis Cosmetics Sofia Baby Soap Natural Soap

"Sofia Baby Soap" is an extremely gentle natural soap, designed with the delicate skin of babies, or for those who want a smooth baby skin. Thus, this soap is perfect for caring for the skin of babies and babies, all skin types but especially for sensitive, mature or dry skin being wonderful for intimate hygiene.


  • a soap suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive, mature or dry
  • The special ingredients that make this soap ideal for even the most sensitive skin are: shea butter, marigold oil, chamomile oil, honey
  • provides intense hydration, soothes and helps heal irritations and other skin conditions and have a healing and regenerating effect.
  • contains fats and vegetable oils rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients for healthy skin
  • discreet, neutral aroma

* Avoid contact with eyes! The product is not "no tears".

INGREDIENTS: saponified vegetable oils and oils (olives, coconut, cocoa, castor, grape seeds, shea butter, chamomile oil and marigold), infusion of chamomile and marigold, honey, beeswax:


Grams: 100g ± 5 g

100% natural ingredient


Made in Romania

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