Simple & Effective Tips To Tame Frizzy Hair During The Monsoon

Sep 8th 2022

Simple & Effective Tips To Tame Frizzy Hair During The Monsoon

Healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream, isn’t it? However, during the monsoon season, no matter how hard you try, you can’t maintain your hair’s smooth appearance. Humidity levels constantly fluctuate during this season, and your hair becomes frizzy.

Check out this guide to avoid frizzy hair in the monsoon. Visit the Beauty Organic store, where you can buy natural hair lotion products to control the frizz. Let’s get started.

Why Does Monsoon Make Hair Frizzy?

To find solutions that can help smoothen your hair, you first need to understand its reason. Why does the monsoon season cause frizz? The main reason is humidity. Humidity levels are high during monsoons.

Due to rain and humidity, there is more hydrogen in the atmosphere, and the wetness changes our hair’s length. Hair strands form hydrogen bonds and fold back, causing frizziness and curling.

Tips for Frizzy Hair During Monsoon

●Don’t brush dry hair. When you start brushing your dry hair, your hair cuticles are lifted and disrupted. This weakens the hair bonds, causing breakage or circling up, which leads to more frizzy hair.

●Use more protein. If you add protein to your hair care routine,e ve just a simple protein-rich mask or conditioner, it will help you prevent frizz and make your hair look glossy and lustrous.

●Be gentle with your hair. Avoid overly tight hairstyles like braids, ponytails, or buns. Go for loose braids or knots.

A woman making a bun

●Avoid damp or wet hair. When your hair is wet after the rain, it will carry pollutants. Don’t let it remain drenched in the rainwater, and pat it dry using a gentle cloth or towel. When you’re washing your hair, make sure the water is wet, as hot water can cause breakage.

●Only use natural hair care products. Processed hair products or treatments contain harmful ingredients, like sulfates, that cause more damage than good. They can dry out your hair and make it brittle. Only buy organic hair care products to manage frizzy hair. Avoid heat when styling it.

●Oil your hair often. It is essential for healthy hair. If you regularly oil your hair, it will stay well-nourished and look great.

If you want silky, shiny, and smooth hair, you’ll have to buy organic hair care products. You can check out various natural hair care products and add them to your cart. Make sure you buy natural hair lotion products to prevent frizzy hair.

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