Doppelherz Garlic Mistletoe & Hawthorn 480 Capsules

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Doppelherz Garlic Mistletoe & Hawthorn 480 Capsules

✓ Traditionally for the prevention of arteriosclerosis

Garlic is of special importance for people of advanced age. Also, middle aged people can benefit from the positive effects of Doppelherz® aktiv Garlic capsules with Hawthorn on the health, in particular against the general calcification of our cardiovascular system.

The special benefit of Hawthorn is based on an enhanced blood circulation.
Due to a better supply of oxygen, the physical capacity of the heart increases. In addition, hawthorn has antioxidative effects and helps against inflammation. Therefore, it plays a role in keeping a healthy heart.

The special developed enteric coated capsules release the active ingredients in the intestine. The extra coating protects the inner capsule against the gastric juice, thus the whole capsules passes through the stomach. Due to the delayed release, the capsules are without odour.

• Supports cardiovascular health

• Synergistic effect of garlic and hawthorn plant extracts

• Lactose free

Use: take 1-2 capsule 3x daily, before or during mealtime, with sufficient liquid.

Ingredients: Extract of fresh garlic onions (2-3: 1) Extract: Refined rapeseed oil, extract of mistletoe (2-3: 1) Extract: Refined rapeseed oil, Extract of hawthorn fruits (0.51-0.62: 1) Extract: Refined rapeseed oil

Made in Germany

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