How to Use Retinol for Anti-Aging

May 8th 2023

How to Use Retinol for Anti-Aging

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A, mainly used to reduce the signs of aging, build collagen, increase cell turnover, and reduce wrinkles. It’s commonly used in nighttime skincare products and routines because it reacts under the sun and can cause sun damage. Your skin needs to get used to retinol to reap its benefits which is why retinol is available in many forms. Read this blog to learn how to use retinol for anti-aging.

In Creams

Cream-based retinol is the mildest version of Vitamin A you can get. Creams are perfect for those who want to start with their nighttime skincare routine and get their skin used to retinol. Cream-based retinol doesn’t require additional hydration because the cream also offers moisturization benefits.

In Serums

Retinol in serums is more intense compared to creams. That’s because serums have fewer additional ingredients, so you’re getting a purer form of retinol. With serums, you should use a small amount and use it directly on your bare skin. However, once the serum is absorbed, you’ll have to lock in the moisture with a lotion or cream. Otherwise, your skin will dry out during the night.

Prescription Retinol

Prescription retinol is usually more concentrated compared to over-the-counter ones. You’ll have to get your skin evaluated by a dermatologist before you’re eligible for a prescription. With these kinds of retinol, you’re only required to use them

a few times a week because of their concentration. Additionally, their texture is also on the dryer side, so you’ll need extra moisturization after using prescription retinol.

How To Start Using Retinol?

Like all skincare products, you should always do a patch test before using retinol. Retinol can have a more severe reaction than other products, especially if you use it directly on your face. Once you’ve established that the retinol is suitable for you, you can move on to using it. But start with a small amount so your skin can get used to it. After a week or two, you can increase the amount. Finally, don’t use retinol every day unless you’re prescribed to do so. That’s because it can lead to severe dryness and breakouts.

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